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simple 2-step instructions for using Gvoke Pre-Filled Syringe

Find simple 2-step
instructions for using the
Gvoke Pre-Filled Syringe (PFS).

Gvoke PFS Guide
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Use this guide to help you during conversations with your doctor about Gvoke.

Doctor Discussion Guide

Watch these helpful videos to learn more about Gvoke PFS
Table Talk — Gvoke™ Pre-Filled Syringe (PFS)
Hear real people with diabetes talk about using Gvoke PFS.
Meet Gvoke™ Pre-Filled Syringe (PFS)
Learn about Gvoke PFS, including when to use it and possible side effects.
Presentation: In the Know with Gvoke™
Learn how to recognize severe lows, what glucagon is, how to use it, and more.

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How to share information about Gvoke

Our media kit provides tips and guidance about how to share helpful, accurate information. You can also download logos and product images.