Prescriptions can be expensive, so remember to check for financial assistance and coupons. Your HCP or pharmacist may be able to assist you further. From our own experience, Gvoke® has a copay card and a Gvoke® coupon available to help the diabetic community afford their prescriptions and help keep themselves safe during a low blood sugar emergency.

Life since we switched to Gvoke HypoPen®

Since switching to Gvoke HypoPen®, I’ve been much calmer knowing that I’m sending Emma to school and Tyler to work with a reliable method of glucagon delivery. Remember, it’s important to educate those around you so that they know how to help in case you have a low blood sugar emergency at work, school, or anywhere else. On the Gvoke® package insert, there are instructions for use. There are also helpful online resources, including PDFs and videos. I recommend sharing these resources with your family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else you spend a lot of time with.

Gvoke HypoPen® isn’t an everyday tool, but it is an essential one. If you ever find yourself in a very low blood sugar emergency, it’s important to be prepared. Remember to speak to your HCP about your glucagon options now before Eli Lilly’s Glucagon Emergency Kit is discontinued!